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Discovery I
Discovery II

The Discovery process replaces normed based, objective assessment techniques in selected cases. Discovery assumes that employers can find tasks for all kinds of workers. The process is open ended with patient extraction of talents as they appear in continued interactions with the client.

Discovery is an individualized approach, but every assessment service that The Job Shoppe offers is highly individualized. Intimate working with clients is a hallmark of the Job Shoppe. Discovery staff at the Job Shoppe are certified not only in Discovery techniques, but they are also uniquely skilled at using work simulations for other evaluation formats.

Discovery typically begins in the home with family members or others who reside there, and they are engaged in conversations with the individual. In these conversations, people are encouraged to talk about their observations of the individual’s interests, talents, and needed support strategies. In addition to conversations, a quick look around the individual's household can provide clues to hobbies, interests, and chores that can be further explored in the community. A walk around the neighborhood can also provide information on local commerce, connections with neighbors, and the potential for leveraging social capital into employment connections.

An essential next step is to engage in community activities and sometimes work experiences that match the individual’s interests. Several hours spent at a few activities, or in particular work environments, can give credibility to stated or observed interests. These experiences can provide new information regarding how the person learns, what supports may be needed in particular environments, and whether the interest has vocational potential. Essentially, the Discovery process seeks to get to know the individual to reveal personal themes that can be used to develop goals for employment. Just like Discovery, Comprehensive Vocational Assessments (see following) focuses from what accomidations or supports that are needed to assist with job seeking and job keeping.

Vocational Evaluation

Comprehensive Vocational Assessment
On The Job Evaluation

The Job Shoppes evaluation team has performed more than 15,000 vocational evaluations over the past 40 years We offer unique services in our evaluations including Workmans Comp History, background checks, drivers license check, and credential verification.

The Job Shoppe uses proprietary work simulations to observe an individual, in a clinical setting, doing real jobs involving reason, detailed alertness, and physical coordination. These are the three underlying factors that exist in all work. Unlike our competitors who primarily use pen and paper tests only, we use hands on work to assess cognitive functions, acuity, depth perception, motor coordination, finger dexterity, manual dexterity, stamina, frustration tolerance, stress, variability to rule changes, fatigue, and deeply analyzing motivation.

Working under timed and non-timed conditions, doing appropriately difficult tasks reveal competencies. Employment targets match what an individual can do now. In some cases, training may need to precede placement. Just like Discovery, CVA focuses from what accommodations or supports that are needed to assist with job seeking and job keeping.

Our methods are cutting-edge and client-focused. Comprehensive vocational assessment combines to form vocational options in terms of job names, and related labor market conditions. Our assessments also incorporate medical, physical, behavioral, educational, cultural, and local job market information.

We have extensively tested our tests! Our vocational evaluations are statistically valid and reliable. Our vocational evaluations are also used forensically in matters where ability to work and income potential need to be documented. Fair hearing and legal proceedings construct a total picture of a client. Using only pen and paper vocational assessments do not stand up to legal scrutiny the way our scientifically based evaluations can.

Employment Services

Employment Services
Supported Employment
Pre-Placement Training

Our placement program is cutting edge and is the most client focused program in the area. We do not stuff clients into inappropriate jobs and would only place clients with management staff that we would want to work for. This approach leads to successful case closures 85% of the time when we use our CVA and the client is involved with their job search. Our pre-placement program has won the Disney award for excellence twice and have an ESE certified teacher teach our customers. We have a full computer lab for our clients to use for job related activities with a staff member always available to answer questions.

We also use job analysis to job carve and identify marginal functions within a job that may be eliminated. We have developed partnerships with local businesses to provide, haircuts, clothing, and their business for on the job evaluations and other services to get clients ready for job interviews. We meet with our clients face to face at least bi-weekly during their job search. We follow up with every job application in person to advocate for an interview and send thank you cards every time a customer has an interaction with an employer. This helps keep them top of mind with employers. We have proprietary software that identifies employers by SOC codes related to an IPE employment outcome and then use that information to market our clients. Our marketing team has the most aggressive marketing campaign amongst providers which contributes to our 85% placement rate.

On The Job Training

OJT Plan and Agreement
Final Report

We have developed relationships with local businesses to be examples amongst their peers. Our OJT sites train clients on a variety of works tasks and either extend employment at the end of a successful OJT or can be utilized as a work reference. Our partners also provide their businesses for on the job evaluations. Every business that we make contact with, we attempt to sign up as an OJT provider. Job Shoppe staff participate in OJT by interacting on a regular basis. Trainees interact with employees who do not have disabilities, work in comparable positions, and are paid no less than minimum wage.

School To Work

Discovery I & II
Individual Career Plan
Pre-Placement Training
Comprehensive Vocational Assessment
Community Based Work Experience

We can help students plan for their vocational goals and get jobs within their community in a competitive environment. Our vocational staff has extensive experience providing vocational evaluations for students who are able to work in competitive employment. Some of the kinds of students we work with are high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional Behavioral Disability, mild to moderate Intellectually Disabled, Specific Learning Disabled, and Traumatic Brain Injury. For students with more severe disabilities, we offer Discovery would could be a stepping stone for supported employment. With the new WIOA legislation recently passed, we are preparing to be a resource outlet for OJT opportunities, training, vocational evaluations, and job placement for VR and students in transition.