• Deciding on a placement agency?

    Deciding on a Job Placement Agency?

    At The Job Shoppe, when our clients are engaged in their job search and work with us weekly, we have a success rate of 85%. We provide superior training and support for our clients to find employment that fits their skills and interests and we stay involved after our clients are placed to ensure success.

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  • No fee placement services

    No fee placement services!

    We are the best kept secret in employment staffing! Our services not only link you with great employees, we help bring more money to the bottom line.

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  • Lake Mary office

    Our Lake Mary office

    We are located on Lake Mary Blvd in Lake Mary, FL just across the street from Lake Mary city hall. Our office has a bus stop next to it and a Sunrail station two blocks away. View Map

  • donate and make a difference

    Make a difference!

    We accept tax deductible donations including; monetary, used to provide transportation and training for clients, services, like haircuts or childcare, and gently-used business clothing and accessories for clients to wear to interviews and at their new place of employment.

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Welcome to The Job Shoppe

We are a non-profit agency dedicated to diversifying the workforce in our communities by providing excellent job candidates, helping them succeed, and improving operations for our partner businesses. Our mission is to enthusiastically lead in the diversification of Central Florida's workforce through clinically excellent programs, services, & products that reflect compassion for the Central Florida community.

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What we Do

Job placement

Job Placement

No FEE employment staffing for businesses of any size.

vocational evaluation

Vocational Evaluation

An educational process where clients learn self knowledge and work knowledge through participation in work activities designed to evaluate vocational skills, interests, and abilities.

forensic vocational evaluation

Forensic Vocational Evaluation

Used in legal proceedings, this evaluation provides a professional opinion on possible job goals, income producing capabilities, and the likelihood of vocational success.

mental health counseling

Mental Health Counseling

A combination of psychotherapy a practical, problem-solving approach that creates a dynamic and efficient path for problem resolution.

job skills workshop

Job Skills Workshop

A formal, 20-40 hour instruction program to prepare clients to positively present themselves and their work experiences to prospective employers.


Career Counseling

Helping clients examine their interests, styles, values, and abilities to find and enter the profession that best suits them.

What People are Saying

"Lisa and Frank from The Job Shoppe are so helpful. I have called them several times when I needed to fill positions and they always recommended quality employees. They also help me work with their clients if any issues arise by helping my company with instilling our standards with my new employee. The best part is the tax credits, which help me be more profitable and achieve my performance bonuses. Their clients help reduce my turnover percentage, as well. "


"I did not know what work I could possibly do with my disability. I really felt like I would never find a job. I was sent to The Job Shoppe to help me figure it out. I did some work activities, like sorting and organizing and putting things together. I also took some tests that asked me a lot of questions about the things I liked to do. After 3 days, I found out what skills I was really good at and what things I really like to do. Dr. Tango and I came up with some possible jobs and I feel so happy now. I know what I can do and The Job Shoppe is going to help me find a job that matches who I am and what I want to be."

Seeking employment

"The Job Shoppe’s pre-employment training really helped me land my new job. I felt confident in interviewing and they helped me with my applications, resume, and also in learning how to behave at work. For example, there was another employee who was difficult to get along with, but I would call my consultant and she would help me figure out ways to develop a healthy working relationship with this person. Not only did they help me get my job, they helped me keep it."

Florida Hospital

"I never thought I was a depressed person, but I was really struggling to keep jobs because I was so unhappy. I went to The Job Shoppe and Dr. Tango helped me realize that I was working in a job that did not fit my skills and interests. Greg and Grace helped me complete a few tests and work activities which told me what I was good at. Dr. Tango helped me determine which job was best for me based on my abilities and personality. He also helped me resolve some personal issues and overcome my stress. His evaluation and counselling really helped save my life."


Our Team